Indy RC Raceway & Hobbies
HOBBY RC is combining with INDY RC!  WOW!  Indy RC has become the dominant indoor carpet facility in central Indiana.  Click logo above to visit the new INDY RC website!  INDY RC also has a very nice 2ND floor hobby shop with lots of merchandise to explore and a very friendly staff.  You will have fun at INDY RC!  Many fun classes of radio control racing to try!

Hoosier RC Racers
There is finally a radio control car/truck club in Indiana!  The "Hoosier RC Racers" was formed to help create and operate the new Avon Parks RC Track in Avon, Indiana.  Now, the club is doing much more!  They run several off-road and now on-road events too!  Fun for all levels of interest.  The Hoosier RC Racers have applied for nonprofit 501(c)3 status and have received nice donations.  The club goal is to promote radio control racing fun.  Visit their website or Facebook page for photos and updates.

Finish Line Raceway
A brand new track in Auburn, Indiana.  So new we don't have much info.  Here's a link to their facebook page:  LINK

Godsey's RC Racetrack - Bedford, Indiana
There's a "Godsey's Raceway" in Bedford Indiana. They do have a facebook page. It's an indoor clay oval and off-road track.  Can someone tell us more?

Summit R/C Raceway - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Summit R/C Raceway was forced to close unfortunately due to landlord problems we heard.  Their carpet and some equipment was purchased for Finish Line Raceway however, a new track!  See above.

JCP - The Midwest Monster
JCP, the "Midwest Monster" outdoor track located near Camp Atterbury southwest of Indianapolis.  Sadly, the indoor JCP track was closed in April 2017, but the outdoor track is still a beast and a blast to run on!

RC Hobbies Plus - Lafayette, Indiana
This is a really cool track / hobby shop up in Lafayette.  They have a indoor track for oval and on road and run all kinds of classes.  Their hobby shop is exceptional with a really good selection of parts.  Friendly service too!

Backyard Raceway - Argos
This is a nice place that offers a great place to race for off-road and oval racers.  If you visit their facebook page, you can learn more about the track their schedule, classes and facilities.  (Not to be confused with the Backyard Raceway that used to be in Indianapolis.  That one is now closed)

Hobbytown USA - Castleton
Hobbytown USA in Castleton often holds seasonal R/C races.  They have a convienent store location (next to Dave & Busters) and a perfect large parking lot area out front for racing.  This is on-road racing featuring many classes and options for drivers.  Call them at 317.845.4106.  Call for current schedule.  

R/CAR INDY at the Marion County Fairgrounds
Sadly, R/CAR is now closed.  The track went through a change of ownership and is searching for a new location in central Indiana.  If you have a venue, or facility that might be a good permanent home, please let Bill Pennington at Hobby R/C in Indianapolis.know about it!  He's looking to open another track eventually.

Linville Hobbies & Tracks
On your way to Cincinnati, from Indianapolis you will have the opportunity to visit Linville Hobbies.  They offer an indoor and outdoor racing program and much more!  It is a great hobby shop with really nice people.  Well stocked too!

United States Radio Controlled Crawling Association
What a cool part of the hobby!  And, this is a fun bunch of enthusiasts who are growing each year.  Check out their website and spend some time learning about this part of the hobby!  

P & T Hobbies and Raceway - Mitchell, Indiana
About 1/2 way between Indy and Louisville, they have a great track and a good reputation for doing what makes R/C enthusiasts happy.  Check them out when you get a chance.  They host some large races. They also have a facebook page!

REO Raceway - Rockport, Indiana
This is a really nice indoor track located near Evansville, Indiana.  They race on Friday nights according to their website.  They say that they are "Southern Indiana's only indoor Nitro and Electric off-road track."  Looks like a great place to go race!  Indoor comfort, concessions and hobby shop...nice!

Leisure Hours Raceway - Joliet, Illinois
I've not been there, but I'm told this is well worth the drive and one of the best tracks in the region.  3 tracks, a hobby shop and tons of R/C racing fun!  

Indy Quarter Scale Racers
If you want to run BIG, these are the guys you need to get with!  There are some great photos on this site and enought quarter scale racers to put together some intense action!  Their track is "Ingalls Motor Speedway" in Ingalls, Indiana.

“Car racing was started  to promote learning, competition, and sportsmanship.”

- Second Place Finisher

Rattler Slash Body
This is the Parma Slash Body on my son's Slash.  The Rattler is the best looking Slash body out there IMHO.

The HOTTEST new on-road class of R/C Racing!
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to race in Knoxville, Tennessee!
ROCCK Racing!
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