Midwest Model Makers - Click Here
These guys are Professionals, they are very good at what they do, and, they get PAID to build!  Take some time to explore their website!
HobbyTalk.com Online Forums
Forum for Diecast Collectors, Modelers,
Slot Cars, Radio Control & Small Engine
Repair.Its a really nice well layered forum to use.
IndyHobbies.com Videos on YouTube
As time allows, I try to create videos of some of the aspects of R/C and models that I'm involved with.  You'll find them all here for your surfing pleasure.

RCTech.net Online Forums
Yet another great online forum for
hobbyists.  This one is primarily
aimed at car nuts.  You will find all sorts of great topics, photos and discussion on RCTech.net.
The Models of Michael Paul Smith
He captures MOODS, and FEELINGS and MOMENTS IN TIME.  Wow, wow, wow!  Take some time to look at each of the photos, the sets, the lighting.  This man is an absolute modeling ARTIST! 
Anything you want to know about, learn about or talk about, you can find here.  I love sites like www.RCUnviverse.com!
Another great one!
"I don't have hobbies; hobbies cost money. Interests are quite free." 

- George Carlin
INDY 400 Design in Model Aviation
I was fortunate to get my INDY 400 design published in Model Aviation magazine!  Since that time, I've spoken to modelers all over the world who have built an INDY 400!  Here's building photos on RCGroups.com.  And a Toledo Show pic!

More INDY 400 Photos
Here's just a few more at 
another link on RC Groups.
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Are you a PLASTIC Modeler?
Here's your best local bet:
Page 1 here.  Page 2 here.
A great site put up on the Internet by experienced modelers who just want to help others.  Same idea as IndyHobbies.com!  Worth a visit to to learn more.
Click Gears for some really cool R/C Gizmos!
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