"I certainly remember building model rockets. It was fun to watch the rocket blast into the air, suspenseful to wonder if the parachute would open to bring the rocket safely back." 

Eric Allin Cornell
Indy Rockets
This is where you can get more information on rockets beyond just shooting in your own back yard.  Don't get me wrong, there's LOTS you can do on your own in the great hobby of model rocketry.  But, if you want to go to high power or just be with a group of like minded rocket heads, check out!

Rocketeers of Central Indiana
This is an organized club that meets and arranges rocket launches.  I notice that some launches are at the Academy of Model Aeronautics site up in Muncie.  That's a huge piece of property with wide open spaces!

Summit City Aerospace Launchers
A Fort Wayne based club.  

National Association of Rocketry
This is the national organizing body for model rocketry.  Use this website for gobs of information and to launch yourself into new horizons in the sport.

Estes Model Rockets - Official Website
They didn't have a website for a long time, but now they do!  This is the most familiar name in model rockets.  Building Estes rockets is a major pasttime for many kids and adults.  I know that my brother and I could hardly wait for the new Estes catalog to come each year!

Master Blasters on the Science Channel
If you get a chance to watch this show, you are in for a treat!  It is fantastic!

Rockets Magazine
This is a very cool magazine for enthusiasts of pencil shaped objects that shoot into the wild blue yonder.  Its a great source for information, photographs and videos of rockets of all types and activities.  
Steve Eves HUGE 36 foot tall Saturn V Rocket at 2009 Toledo R/C Show.  Incredible!
Get more information on this amazing rocket by clicking on the image below:
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