I've been involved in traditional hobbies most of my life. I built plastic models in grade school and started out flying control line models in the Buffalo, NY area in high school.  About that time, I started into gas-powered R/C airplanes.

I attended college in Knoxville, TN at the University of Tennessee(Go Big Orange!). While there, I got involved in the "East Tennessee Soaring Society" and learned a lot about R/C sailplanes, thermals and building techniques. Those were some great years with great guys!

I still wanted to do "greasy kid's stuff" (as the sailplane guys called gas-powered planes) and joined the Knox County Radio Control Club. We flew at a gorgeous field outside of Oak Ridge, TN near west Knoxville. I spent hours and hours flying with those guys and learning much about pattern, fun-fly’s and how to successfully balance hobbies with marriage... most of the time.

Now I live in Indiana and continue to fly with the Plainfield Screaming Eagles R/C Club and the Danville Black Sheep Squadron.  Both clubs have fantastic facilties! I've always dabbled in designing my own airplanes and had a dream come true when Model Aviation magazine offered to purchase my “INDY 400” design/construction article for their magazine. It was featured in the July 2006 Model Aviation.  You can find photos and a build thread of the Indy 400 here.  I had my email address in the magazine article, and have really enjoyed talking to fellow flyers all over the world that are building INDY 400's. Lazer Works in Ohio is now creating a laser cut short-kit of my INDY 400 design... How cool is that! 

I've also always loved R/C boats. I joined the Indianapolis Admirals several years ago and have really enjoyed the personalities and camaraderie that I have experienced with the Indy Admirals. We run scale electric boats, submarines and sailboats. I've really gotten into the Victor V32 R/C sailboat design in a big way. The admirals have a "One Design" class for the V-32. If you are looking for a nice sailboat that is inexpensive, easy to transport and actually made with some real wood, look no further than the Victor V32 (www.victor-model.com). You can't beat a V-32! Wonderful sailboat to sail and beautiful to look at. 

My son got me into R/C racing. He's always had a "thing" for cars since he was a toddler. So, when he showed interest in that side of the hobby, man, I was there in a heartbeat! Now we are racing off-road trucks and on-road touring cars almost every weekend local tracks. What a hoot! I'm having a ball and am truly blown away by the technology in R/C cars. I had no idea how much engineering went into them and how fun they were! Yep, I’m hooked.  Racing has gotten me back to doing custom airbrushing which is something I did in the 80's too.

My basement workshop is full of all sorts of radio control models, plastic models, an HO model train layout and other hobbies. I love spending time in my workshop relaxing. My son and I call the workshop "Man Land" and go there for a little male bonding whenever we can.  Yes, we let the girls in too.  Well, as long as they know the password.  :)

Because I have daughters, I also have built a couple of nice scale dollhouses. That too is a really fun hobby and I really enjoy the process. You can put as much "scale" into doll houses and additional detail as you would like to. They become family heirlooms over time for sure. The two dollhouses that I have built have come from Real Good Toys (www.realgoodtoys.com). The Princess Anne is a really nice doll house for the money and available for the least amount of money from Hobby Lobby stores.  I'd like to start building one for my wife soon.

Back in the early 1980's, I worked for three years full time building scale architectural models.  It was a fantastic job.  But, I found that it killed my interest in picking up an X-acto knife and working on model hobbies when I got home.  So, I miss those days of getting paid to build models, but am glad to be just modeling for a “hobby” once again.  I hope you enjoy IndyHobbies.com!  I created it to help you and help hobbies grow in Indiana.

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- Scott

 "A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away."

- Phyllis McGinley 
Miss GEICO from ProBoat!  This is one of the best all around FAST electrics that you can buy ready to run.  Very scale looks based on the real 200 mph Miss GEICO.  Fiberglass hull and brushless motor stock.  Neat!
This is my "INDY 400" design.  It received 3rd Place in Sport Monoplane at the Toledo R/C Show in 2006.  Plans available through Model Aviation magazine.
My Midwest Extra 300 made it on the cover of R/C Modeler magazine in September 2002.  Fun to see it in the rack at the hobby shop when I walked in!
Is is one of my Victor V-32 sailboats.  Its on Avon Town Park Lake on one of those days with crystal blue skies.
This is a Tamiya Miata model that I built.  1/25 scale.  I don't know where she came from...  I put the model on the table and apparently she walked over to see it.
This is my Midwest Products Lobster Boat.  She's over 25 years old now and still going strong.  Her name is "LOPYSTRE" which is the Old English spelling of Lobster.  Electric MEPS motor and 7.2v batteries give me over 1 hour run time!
This is a Peck Polymers "One Nite 28" rubber-powered free flight model.   Amazing flying machine!
Great action shot of the INDY 400 in flight!  That O.S. .25FX pulls it nicely.  Featured in the July 2006 Model Aviation Magazine.
This is my Associated RC10T4.  It has a Novak Brushless Sport system in it.  I had it at River City Raceway in Peoria, Illinois in this shot.
Sig Four Star 60 in neon colors!  It really stands out in the sky and on cloudy days.  Powered by a trusty O.S. .61 FSR pattern engine I've had since about 1986.  Flies great.  A great build too.
This is "Big Bird the ET" from Model Builder plans.  Scratch built and flew with an O.S. .10.  Great floater/flyer.  The transparent covering was nice.  Sadly, it was "rekitted" somewhere along the line.
This is a Pram Dinghy day sailer that I built from scratch using RC Modeler 1991 plans.  It is constructed of Sintra PVC, mahogany and cherry wood and lots of hours.  Kermit is connected to the tiller arm and looks alive when steering the boat!
I took a Sig Wonder and turned it into "Der Wonder" the WWI German version?  I really like the iron crosses on the tail.  Flying with an O.S. .25 FSR.  This is a rocket!  25 years old and still flying!
Once upon a time, I owned the most perfect Four Star 40 that a man could build.  Then, I flew it on a cold winter's day and the flightpack battery failed.  It was destroyed completely hitting the ground at full throttle.  Sad.
I built (3) Victor V-32's at the same time.  One for me, one for my Dad and one for my kids.  Great kit and well worth every minute building.  We've had a lot of fun with these V-32's!
My first ARF, a TWIST that I made into the "BarneyBird" in honor of my daughter's request.  Can't beat the price and the flying abilities of this plane!
This is a Cal Smith "Sportwagon" scratch built from plans.  Neat Old Timer that I entered at Toledo in 2006.  I didn't win anything, but it was fun to see it on the table with the others.  O.S. .20 four stroke powered.
My lobsterboat at the Toledo R/C Show in 2006.  I used doll house minatures for detailing.  Same 1" = 1'-0" scale.  There's a Playboy on the dashboard and a pipe with Ohio Blue Tip Matches.  12-pack of Old Milwaukee too!  The boat is equipped with RAM lights for night running.
This is a Traxxas SLASH.  Stock in everyway except the custom painted body.  The Slash is a perfect way to get into R/C cars if you are interested in doing so.
Another shot of my daughter with the INDY 400 in front of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum
Balsa USA North Star with O.S. .50 FSR for power.  Still flying over 20 years later!
My nephew retrieving my son's Big Bertha after another successful flight!  Shooting rockets is a family event.
This is a micro model of the Victor V32 Sailboat.  I made it for a Christmas Tree decoration.  Balsa Hull and paper sails.  Fishing line stays.
Sig 1/5th Scale Cub.  Under construction currently.  Beautiful laser cut kit...exceptional quality.  Can't wait to get it done!  O.S. .48 Surpass for power.
This is a Parma "Rattler" body that I airbrushed for my Traxxas Slash.  We ran at Hendricks County Radio Control when it was open, so that's why it says "HCRC" on the side.  Lots of neon Faskolor paints!
My Craftair Viking sailplane!  I was a member of the East Tennessee Soaring Society.  What a great bunch of guys!  Circa 1982.
Being a long time airplane guy who is now racing R/C trucks and cars, I wondered about using an airplane paint scheme on a car body.  So, I painted this P-51 Mustang theme on a Traxxas Rattler body.  Turned out cool!
This is an Associated RC10T4 painted with the Red Baron scheme.  Proline body.  Neon Faskolor red paint.  Looks great on the track when my son is driving it!
We started a model railroad layout several years ago.  HO scale.  We work on it from time to time.  It was based on the "World's Greatest Hobby" video and my son just had to have the "Glacier Gravel Company" as part of the layout, as shown on the video.  I enjoyed weathering it the most.
This is a Aquacraft Supervee 27 electric (brushless) R/C boat.  Super fast, super fun!  Lucas Oil has a similar boat hanging in the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  I tried to make mine into that version.
I had to do a "Labatt BLUE" body...its my favorite beer!  Body is mounted on an Associated TC6 touring car chassis.
This is my 1/16th scale "WENDIGO" Dive Boat which was from Pat Trittle plans.  Its mostly constructred of Sintra PVC sheet and is a great running boat.  Night lighting as well.  There's a build thread on RCGroups.com
My son keeps calling me, "JACKWAGON" from the Geico commercial, so I made a body for my Traxxas Slash that went with that!
This is the Stevens Aero WATERBOARD!  Great to run on any water.  Brushless outrunner motor and laser cut kit.  First quality kit too.  A real pleasure to build.  Build thread on RCGroups.com
The new "Punisher" body by JConcepts for the RC10T4!  Cool Cab-forward look and faskolor paints.
This is Parma Gangstar body on an Associated TC3.  Its for the new "Bomber Class" in the Indy Area that used basic basic stuff.  Airbrushed with Faskolor paint.  Lots of Xacto time too!
Midwest Liberty Tug with a few detail additions, but otherwise stock.  Great looking boat and just the right speed with the MEPS motor system from Midwest.  I really enjoyed building this and and now running it.
This is my Associated TC5 touring car chassis with a Protoform LTC-R body on it.  I run it in the 17.5 brushless class.  See my airbrushing page for more bodies I've done.
This is my Boothbay Lobster Boat at rest in the water during one of the Indy Admirals Fun Runs.  This is my favorite boat of all.  She's 25 years old and going strong!
My son at I have been racing for several years.  We really wanted to get into the new Vintage Trans Am class of racing.  This is my VTA Camaro.  Body from HPI.  I used Faskolor paints and decals to get a good racing shell!
This is my ProBoat IMPULSE 26.  It comes stock RTR with white plastic and decals.  I wanted a "LUCAS OIL" theme on it so I took a few evenings to work on it.  Turned out great!
The last few years, I've enjoyed airbrushing R/C car bodies.  You will find an entire page of the ones I've done for myself and others on IndyHobbies.com.  Link on home page.
My Hobby Photos on Flickr.com
When I attend area events, I try to get those photos up on Flickr as soon as possible.  If you want one, you can right click on it and save it  to you computer!
Click the above logo if you would like to see the Architectural Scale Models that I have built in the past.  Yes, I used to get paid to build models!
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My Axial ARTR Scorpion
w/55 turn Novak & Rooster ESC.  Custom Faskolor Paint on body.  RAM lights.
"If you didn't build it with your own hands, its not really yours."

- Anonymous
Recently completed Midwest Liberty Tugboat!  It uses their standard MEPS III motor and wiper control.  Click here for a Build Thead on this fun Tugboat!
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