What a cool day!  Thank you to Stingray Systems for your hospitality.  StingRay Systems is an official sponsor of
John Force Racing!
Thank you Stingray Systems for the opportunity!They have several on-site CNC machines where they creating their own engine parts.  Big bucks in those machines and operators!This is what the raw funny car body looks like when they get it.  From there, they do all the graphics in house.Applying decals to one of the bodies.  First class place and first class people!Am I in heaven?  This much be heaven...somebody pinch me!They build most of their cars right there!  Super skilled craftsmen.  Wonder if they have a job opening for little old me?Now that's a Parts Department!  Traxxas sure knows how to market their products.  Certainly there are enormous costs involved, but hopefully it is paying off!John Force's Funny Car (one of them) getting shiney and ready to rock and roll!Going out to the track, this is Courtney Force's pit area.  The team was working hard and it was hot!Occasionally, they have to run up the engine for tweeking.  Note the masks.  Note the stupid photographer that didn't have one.  My eyes were burning!I had a nice conversation with Courtney and learned alot about what its like to drive one of these incredible machines.  She's an amazing lady.  Courtney and some of her coworkers/friends.  Testing at the track is exciting for all involved.  John Force getting ready to make a run.  The ground shakes and all 5 senses come into play when there's 8,000 horsepower in front of you getting ready to explode!Getting to meet one of my heroes, John Force.  I can take that one off my "Life's To-Do List" now.  What a great day!
Stingray Systems offered me a tour of John Force Racing along with the opportunity to go to Lucas Oil Raceway (Indianapolis Raceway Park) in Brownsburg, Indiana.  Of course, I said, "yes!" 

Our tour began with walking into the lobby of a first class business.  We were greeted and made to feel welcome right away.  I expected to see current drag racing cars and associated parts, but what I didn't expect was the on-site manufacturing and graphics work that is all being done in-house.  Wow!  The photos will help to show the exceptional level of detail and attention they have for all things drag racing.  They obviously have learned that the way to win, is to control the process.

After the tour of the "shop" we were taken out to the drag strip where the teams were doing test runs of both their Funny Cars and their Top Fuel Dragster.  John Force and Courtney Force both spent a great deal of time talking to us about what they do, and how they do it.  Many questions.  They weren't just being polite, they were truly engaged in the moment and both have a great sense of humor. 

Enjoy the pictures.  It was a great day for me personally and one I will never forget.  I've always been a fan of drag racing, more than any other sport.  And, I've always been a fan of John Force.  Now that John Force Racing has gotten involved with Traxxas to license their drag racing machines so that Traxxas can make incrediible scale versions of their machines, well, its an R/C car guy's dream come true!

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Thank you GLENN!
During the tour, they invited us to come up to the starting line and experience up close and personal what a funny car can do!  I shot this video.  Yea, the two guys who kept standing in front of the car blocking my view annoyed me too.  :)