Indianapolis Admirals R/C Model Boat Club
This is one of the most friendly, enthusiastic model clubs I've ever had the
pleasure to belong to.  There are model boat enthusiasts of all types who
make up the Admirals membership.  Scale boats, Sailboats, Submarines,
Fast Electric boats and anything that floats can be found in the Indy Admirals!
This is a Hoosier company that produces some of the coolest RC boating stuff out there!  Everything from easy going tugboats to screaming outriggers!  And, they have been very generous in helping us promote our events.  Thanks! 

Classic Hydros!
Want to see something really cool?  Check out Classic Hydros webpage:
HERE.  This is a new company based in Indiana that is making beautiful
laser cut shovel nose hydroplane kits and accessories for R/C boat modelers.
A great deal of time and thought goes into their products and providing exceptional quality.  In addition, you are going to love just looking at the photos
on the site.  

Bonzi Sports
These are the local BIG boat guys on the north side of Indy.  They offer large
gas-powered hulls and equipment.  Some major league boats here to check
out!  They have excellent customer service we're told and we know a couple
of guys who work there.  

Indy Model Boat Club
If you are wanting to run FAST nitro boats, this is your club!  They are a
I.M.P.B.A. club that usually runs at the lake at "The Waterfront" on the
west side of Indianapolis just off 465.  Their website looks a little out of
date, but hopefully the contact information is current.

The V-32 Yacht Club 
If you have a V-32, or want to get one or need to ask questions, 
this is the place to do it!  Its a special forum on Yahoo Groups 
for V32 Owners.  I've gotten a lot out of it over the past few years.

The Subcommittee
Several members of the Indianapolis Admirals also belong to this group that focuses on Submarines.  Each summer, the Indianapolis Admirals host the "Subregatta" in Carmel, Indiana.  It is a huge national event that brings in modelers from across the county and media attention as well. 

Chris' REALLY BIG Wooden Boat!
Are you familiar with Glen-L Marine?  Glen-L has been creating beautiful
full-size wooden boat plans, patterns and supplies for many years.  Click
photo and you will find a build thread on one of these beautiful Glen-L boats!
Chris is an avid R/C boat modeler and R/C flyer.  This is a BIG Model, huh!

Three Rivers Model Boat Club of Fort Wayne
A great group of model boat enthusiasts who run scale boats, sailboats
and steam.  Due to their venue restrictions, they don't run nitro or gas
boats.  They welcome new modelers and spectators!

The St. Louis Admirals R/C Model Boat Club
The St. Louis Admirals pride themselves on being a great club for
beginners and life-long scale modelers.  They also host one of the best
events of the year in the Midwest.  For 20 years they have held an annual
regatta that brings model boat enthusiasts in from all over the country!
Typically around 100 ships come to participate in the regatta.

Victor Model Products 
This is where those of us who race Victor V-32 R/C sailboats buy our kits and RTR's!  Victor is one of the most customer-friendly hobby manufacturers that
I can think of.  They sell direct to the public and there are literally thousands of Victor sailboats out there in the world.  Thank you George for what you do!

International Model Power Boat Association
If you are into fast gas/nitro powerboating, this is the organization that you
need to be a part of!  Since 1949, they have existed to sanction events and coordinate this exciting aspect of R/C for like-minded model power boaters everywhere.

American Model Yachting Association
The AMYA is the governing body for radio control sailboats.  They offer all
the class rules, sanction events and that sort of thing.  There's a wealth of 
information on their site:

Museum of Science and Industry - Chicago
The museum offers a look and over 50 excellent scale ship models!  When you get done doing that part, go take a tour of the real U-505 German Submarine!

"Its easy to sail,
its hard to sail well"
- Me
"A ship is much safer in the harbor but this was not what it was intended to do."
--Thomas Jefferson
Fittings, Parts, and Supplies
for all Classes of Radio Controlled Sailboats
Building 3 V32's
at Once
I built three Victor V32 Sailboats, all at the same time.  What a project!  One for my Dad for Christmas, one for my kids and one for me!  This image links to a build thread.
This is a fun project.  Its a Stevens Aeromodel Electric Airboat!  Click photo for build thread.
"Smooth seas do not make skilled sailors"
Click on the above link for a wonderful source of scale fittings and parts from a new friend in the UK, Martin!  You can also find his items HERE on Ebay.
My latest scale project, the "Wendigo" Dive Boat well designed by Pat Trittle.
Your source for gas model boating since 1982
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