Naptown & White River Model Railroad Club
An outstanding group of model railroad enthusiasts have banded together to build a club layout in a large building on the near southeast side of Indianapolis. Not only are they always looking for new members, but they also open their facility and layout up for others to come see. This is what modeling is all about! See their website for more information.

Indiana Large Scale Railroaders
This is a large scale model railroad group that has members all over the state. As you can tell by their name, they like the big stuff! Building a garden railroad is a hobby that I have heard many people say they want to do (including me!). I know r/c car guys and model airplane guys who have said to me they'd love to do a large scale model railroad someday... Well, these guys can help you make it happen! Visit their website for more information. Everyone loves the magic of large scale trains!

Mr. Muffin's Trains
​This is a fun shop in Atlanta, Indiana. Very much worth the visit. Check the website for when trains will be running.  

Illiana Garden Railway Society
Here's a great website for Garden Railroad buffs!  Members are actively engaged in the pursuit/art/endeavor of Model Railroading in G scale!  And, they are on facebook and Twitter.  You can also find great videos and photographs on the site that you are sure to enjoy!  Visit them by clicking the link on the title above.

Central Indiana N-TRAK
Into N scale trains?  (N scale has always been my favorite gauge.  That's how I started in model railroading.)  The Central Indiana NTRAk club is over 30 years old.  They build modular layouts that they can bring together to form giant layouts for train shows. 

EnterTRAINment Junction - Cincinnati, Ohio
All I can say is WOW!  This is a short drive from central Indiana and is a destination that the whole family will enjoy!  25,000 square feet = the world's LARGEST indoor model train layout!  And, there's so much more than that at EnterTRAINment Junction!  Follow the link above, but make sure to go to their home page also to see an overview of the facility.

Museum of Science and Industry - Chicago
Take a trip to Chicago sometime soon and visit "The Great Train Story".  Its a breathtaking exhibit of model trains with over 3,500 feet of track!  I've been going there since I was a kid, and it gets better and better all the time.  There used to be a neat layout at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis, but unfortunately, they removed it.  Such a shame.

Central Indiana Division - National Model Railroad Association
This is a wonderful much of model railroaders that have helped my son and I countless times with our model railroad layout.  They offer building clinics for kids at their shows and do all they can to support people interested in model railroading.  Visit one of their many year-round shows and you will see what I mean!

More Central Indiana Model Railroad Clubs
Follow this link for a complete listing.  This is the "World's Greatest Hobby" for many reasons.  Creativity is unlimited!  And, unless your house burns down, you can add and add to your hobby as time allows.  Getting "done" is not the point!

World's Greatest Hobby
This website lets you learn about the hobby of model railroading.  Its packed with ideas, links and lots of other information.  I can't tell you what a help it was for my son and I on our layout.  We used their DVD, "Building Your First Model Railroad" to do our HO layout.  It was just perfect for getting us started!

"A collision has its good points as well as its bad ones -- it indicates there is something moving on the railroad."

- John F. Stevens, 1905
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