Another 1968 Camaro HPI body!  This one with a traditionall elongated flame job.  I used this racer's colors and took it from there.  He runs VTA locally here in Indianapolis.
I'd been wanting to airbrush a "Back in Black" AC/DC body for a while.  Might do this on a Camaro too.  The hard part was doing Angus on the hood.  All graphics carefully hand cut.  It rocks!
An HPI 69 Camaro for my buddy, Buddy!  He will be running this in the Chicagoland area in Vintage Trans Am.  He's a good driver...look out!
This is a B4 or B4.1 body for the Associated buggy.  Love that Monster Energy theme!  Everything you see is airbrushed including the logos.  Would look nice with white wheels I think.
Top View.  This is a B4 or B4.1 body for the Associated buggy.  Love that Monster Energy theme!  Everything you see is airbrushed including the logos.  Would look nice with white wheels I think.
This is a HPI 1970 Challenger for my son done in Faskolor Black with FasOrange and FasYellow flames.  Simple and clean.  And, fast!  Its on an Associated TC3 which is our best VTA car currently.
This is a Parma SPEEDFLO body that I did for a buddy of mine.  Its going on his stock Slash.  Faskolor paints.
A 1968 Camaro by HPI.  The racer that had me paint this one used his colors and then asked me to try to follow the scheme from the BMW "Art Car" that you see elsewhere.  Its wild, but it turned out good!
I get a lot of requests for my "Monster Energy" bodies.  I do a special process to get the "skin" of the beast to look just right.  This is a Proline Bulldog T4.1 truck body.  Faskolor paints.
Matching pair of "Monster Energy" bodies.  Both are ProLine.  Chevy Silverado 1500 Pro2 body and a Bulldog T4.1 Stadium Truck body.
Here's the Proline Silverado 1500 Pro 2 body up close.  The "Ainokea" logo is a really cool addition. That was cut by hand using Fasmask and gobs of patience!
This is an HPI 1968 Camaro which will be run in VTA (Vintage Trans Am) Class here in Indianapolis.  Bright metallic orange Faskolor paint with faux orange carbon fiber on the hood.  RPM blower is not VTA correct, but it does look cool!   The RPM unit is durable and about $10.
This is a Honda CIVIC Si body from HPI, 190mm done in Faskolor metallic blue (awesome color!) and then the Labatt BLUE logo theme using custom cut masks.  Note it even has a sun roof!
This is an Axial short course body for an Apache SC.  About 20% larger than a typical SCT body.  Sent to the Netherlands for a racer there!
McAllister Racing makes some great bodies!  This is their new IndyCar body based upon the current Dallara model.  Its designed to fit onto a F104 chassis.  Fits the best with the F104W.
This is the best I could do at matching the famous Mark Donahue "Sunoco Camaro" famous in the Vintage Trans Am world.  Its an HPI 68 Camaro.  Everything you see is paint.  Wheels painted to match as well.  For a local racer in Indy.
This is a JConcepts buggy body for the +8mm chassis.  It was painted for an off-road racer in Fort Wayne, IN.  He chose the colors, and I worked up the scheme for him.  Rear wing painted black.
The original #42 for Dan Gurney was a Plymouth Cuda.  But, HPI quit making that body so we used a Dodge Challenger instead.  Pretty close.  This is for a racer in Dallas, TX for Vintage Trans Am!
This is a JConcepts buggy body for the +8mm chassis.  It was painted for a racer in Fort Wayne, IN.  He chose the colors, and I worked up the scheme for him.  Faux Carbon Fiber on the top.  All Faskolor paints.
"Big Ed's PIZZA" 1970 Boss Mustang airbrushed for myself to run in VTA class.  Big Ed's is a great pizza place in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  Sitting on an Associated TC3 chassis.
Custom paint masks were made to create the "Big Ed's Pizza" hood logo.  That would have been darn near impossible to cut by hand!
This is the new Protoform Camaro ZL1 body for USGT!  Wicked cool and 190mm wide.  The lines of this body are so cool that I didn't want to do something too wild with paint.  No need.  It would spoil the sleekness.
This is a Dumas HotShot Sprint converted to electric power (1500KV motor x 4S lipo!).  I though a good patriotic scheme looked awesome on this tunnel hull!
HPI RX-7 body.  The 190mm version.  This one is going on an HPI E-10 for drifting!
Traxxas makes clear bodies for use on their awesome Funny Car.  This one I did for a racer in Idaho using the legendary "BLUE MAX" scheme.  BIG body!
Another RX-7 done for a local racer who will be running it in the popular TT-01 class at Indy RC Raceway.
This the McAllister 1970 Trans Am body that hit the Vintage Trans Am class recently!  This one I airbrushed for myself.  The driver looks like "The STIG" from Top Gear I think!   Sitting on my Associated TC3 chassis.  HPI Vintage Wheels and tires.
Same body as above, but the racer sent me a phot of it all mounted up and ready to hit the track!
Matching set of 1/8 scale buggy and SCT truck body.  Both done with Faskolor and liquid mask.  Pretty clean looking but there were many tiny details to work on.
No, this is not an R/C car body.  This was a custom painted diecast for a guy that owns the real Dodge Pictup.  He wanted it to match his show truck.  Its pretty close!
I airbrushed this "Lightning McQueen" body for a Dad who is giving it to his son for his Birthday.  What a cool Dad!  It turned out as I'd hoped.  The body is a Parma Speedflo SCT.
This is the awesome McAllister Corvette!  Done in Faskolor paint for a local racer to run in USGT class.
12th Scale Protoform Pan Car body.  This racers colors were Red, White and Black.  A little faux carbon fiber thrown in.  I tried to follow the contours of the body to get the look I wanted.  He will be cutting it to fit.
Yes, you've seen this scheme before.  These are Proline FloTeck bodies for a local racer who loves this look.  So, I think these are bodies #7 and #8 for him.
And now for something completely different!  I've not airbrushed anything like thiis before.  Its a Traxxas Slash chassis with a hand-made body out of lexan sheet.  Really well done.  All I did was the paint.  Can't wait to see it on the track!
this is a stadium truck I airbrushed for a local racer.  Going on a Losi chassis.  He picked the colors and the "Hootie and the Blowfish" scheme.  It's wild!  You will see it on the track for sure.
Vintage Trans Am body done in the Sam Posey "77 Challenger" scheme.  Custom green color and all is paint except the front grill decal and the "Dodge" decal on the rear quarter panel.
This racer wanted a Dukes of Hazzard "General Lee" car for VTA racing.  Unfortunately, the right Charger body isn't VTA legal.  So, we did it to a HPI Cuda body.  Turned out good and people will know that Bo and Luke Duke are coming down the straightaway!
Rear view of the General Lee Cuda.  Can't wait to see it mounted and on the track!
The iconic Red, White & Blue #6 Javelin for VTA racing.   This is the PROTOForm Javelin body.  Comes with 2 nose pieces.  Very nice!
This one is the classic Mark Donahue "Sunoco Camaro" that most think of when they think of Vintage Trans Am.  Race numbers will be a decal.
This is an HPI Boss Mustang that was airbrushed and detailed to look like the iconic Parnelli Jones Boss Mustang.  It will be run in the Vintage Trans Am class.
This is a Parma "Fifty Five" body.  All Faskolor paint with custom hand cut flames.  I've done three of these.  They are use for Traxxas Slash or other SCT's.  Love the attitude!
A McAllister 1970 Trans Am in jet black with chrome silver accents including a hand-cut firebird on the hood.  This is for the USVTA class.  Numerals will be applied by decal by the new owner.  Simple and mean!
"MOPAR" truck body. I love orange, so this body was especially cool to me. This racer asked me to do the Mopar scheme and the Super Bee logo on the side. Thanks to Rockstar Paint for help with the super-detailed Super Bee masks! Really sets off the body.
This is a HPI Honda Prelude body.  Racer picked the colors/scheme and they really look good together! He is using gold rimmed wheels, so the gold stripe down the side should set those off nice. All Faskolor paints airbrushed and I used liquid mask. Everything is paint so far.
This is a new Vaterra 69 Camaro body. Very scale. Faskolor white and Fasescent blue. (Love that blue! One of their best colors!) I did the graphics and numerals with liquid mask. The body has separate chrome plastic bumpers and side mirrors, but I'll let the racer install those himself.
One of four matching bodies I airbrushed for a father/son team here in central Indiana.  I'll get to see these on the track!  All Faskolor paint.  Neon yellow and faux carbon fiber.  They will add their team decals.
One of four matching bodies I airbrushed for a father/son team here in central Indiana.  I'll get to see these on the track!  All Faskolor paint.  Neon yellow and faux carbon fiber.  They will add their team decals.
One of four matching bodies I airbrushed for a father/son team here in central Indiana.  I'll get to see these on the track!  All Faskolor paint.  Neon yellow and faux carbon fiber.  They will add their team decals.
Four matching bodies I airbrushed for a father/son team here in central Indiana.  I'll get to see these on the track!  All Faskolor paint.  Neon yellow and faux carbon fiber.  They will add their team decals.
Metallica Camaro ZL1 for my son's USGT car (TC6).  He loves Metallica, and I do too, so making this body was cool.  Graphics were hand cut using liquid masking film.  Faskolor Black and chrome with faux carbon fiber and plasma splatter.
Metallica Camaro ZL1 for my son's USGT car (TC6).  He loves Metallica, and I do too, so making this body was cool.  Graphics were hand cut using liquid masking film.  Faskolor Black and chrome with faux carbon fiber and plasma splatter.
This is a Traxxas Funny Car body that I airbrushed for a gent from Idaho.  His idea for the scheme.  Looks awesome in those colors!  These are BIG bodies being nearly 30" long!
Rear view of the JEGS Funny Car.  This is a Traxxas Funny Car body that I airbrushed for a gent from Idaho.  His idea for the scheme.  Looks awesome in those colors!  These are BIG bodies being nearly 30" long!
This is a Parma '70 Cuda body for Vintage Trans Am.  Well, I guess you can use it for what you'd want to, but that's what most use it for.  Faskolor Key Lime with hand cut graphics.  Just decals on the back lights and front grill.  Parma bodies are thicker lexan too.
HPI 68 Camaro done in his colors.  Everything is paint, including the numerals.  All graphics hand cut.  Should be great in VTA!
This is the second J71 ProtoForm body I've done.  This one for a local racer.  Black and Red with chrome outlines.  Nice thing about this ProtoForm body is that it comes with an extra nose piece so you can replace it later when it gets damaged.
The PROTOForm Trans Am was highly anticipated in 2013.  When it finally came out, people were not disappointed.  Great scale lines!  This one was done in "Blood Red" for a local racer.  His Ham call sign is on the hood.
This is the Pro-Line 1966 Ford Truck body mounted on my Traxxas Slash.  Perfect fit.  I had the wheels, so I made the colors match up.  Two tone neon orange/white.  Can see that on the track I bet!
This is a similar layout to the red/black PROTOForm J71 you'll seen earlier in these photos.  This one was done with Faskolor Key Lime Green and it rocks the look!  All graphics including numerals done by hand with liquid masking film.
This is a JConcepts Raptor SCT body done in a Marines theme.  Intended to look like their dress blue uniforms.  All graphics hand cut.  The color is really nice.
This is the awesome McAllister Corvette Daytona DP body mounted on a Team Associated TC6.  All Faskolor paints used with some decals.  I airbrushed this for myself including the wheels.  Unfortunately, the USVTA rules now won't allow this body for official USGT racing.  Still legal at my local track
The JConcepts Nissan Armada body is really cool!  This is the first on of these I've done.  The rear wing is especially unique.  Colors and scheme were given to me by the racer.  I just followed his directions.  I like it!
The JConcepts Nissan Armada body is really cool!  This is the first on of these I've done.  The rear wing is especially unique.  Colors and scheme were given to me by the racer.  I just followed his directions.  I like it!
This is an HPI 66 Mustang notchback.  It was created to match a specific car the racer owned in the past.  Right down to the black vinyl roof!  Red was darkened just a bit.  Faskolor paints.
Here's a close up of the vinyl roof.  I used a special matte spray and let it land from a distance to get the kind of rough pebble look.  Turned out great.
1970 HPI Boss Mustang done to match the 66 Mustang in the previous photos.  Stock decal set added.  Color is a slightly darkened red from Faskolor.
This is a Tamiya Mazda RX-7.  Faskolor neon green!  Faux carbon fiber hood.  I like how the headlights turned out too.
A body for me!  This is a ProtoForm LTC-R for 17.5 Touring Car.  I pretty quick airbrushing job.  Really just cutting the window trim was the difficult part.  Shows up well on the track!
This is a shovel nose hydroplane that was painted to follow the Missouri Tigers scheme.  With brushless power, I am told this thing rocks!  About 28" long.
This "GENERAL LEE" was made from an HPI Challenger body.  The real one is a Charger, but they don't have a USVTA legal Charger body.  So, a few comprises like turning the flag and a hood scoop, but it turned out well!  Thanks to Rockstar Paints for the custom masks.  That made it look great!
This is the General's owner, John, putting the finishing touches on it.  Note the custom painted wheels to really set it off!
TFinshed!  He used dish wheels and hand painted the silver on them to make them resemble the real General Lee!
This is a HPI 68 Camaro done as a "Yenko Camaro" which was a real powerhouse!  If you don't know about Yenko's, google it.  Nice custom mixed blue as well.
The Pagani Zonda is an Italian made supercar.  This is the HPI version done with the Italian flag colors.  Suggested by a racing buddy of mine.  Really shows off the lines of the body!
Well, I've never done one of these before!  Its a body for a Tamiya "Tumbling Bull" Wheelie Tractor.  Pretty cool.  We went with the dairy cow spots, but carbon fiber look.  Kewl.  Pearl White Faskolor.
This is the second Lightning McQueen body I've airbrushed.  This one for a Dad to give his son for his Birthday.  Pretty cool.  I like how it turned out.  Pro-Line Protek body.
The KISS KAMARO!  I've always wanted to do a tribute body to the Hottest Band in the Land.  This 68 Camaro from HPI was the perfect choice and attitude I think.  Very happy with the final result.
The KISS KAMARO!  I've always wanted to do a tribute body to the Hottest Band in the Land.  This 68 Camaro from HPI was the perfect choice and attitude I think.  Very happy with the final result.   Hopefully Gene Simmons would be too.
This is General Lee #3 for me.  This time we knew we were creating a display body so I took the time to customize the front and rear grill/lights and vent windows so that it looked more like a charger.
This is an awesome body before you paint it!  Its the ProtoForm SoCal Panel Wagon for the Mini Cooper class.  This was is all paint with hand cut flames and logo.  I really was happy with houw this turned out.
You might have noticed this body in another photo without the "Hoosier" graphics.  Those seemed to be such a perfect match I added the.  The folks at Hoosier Tire even gave me some rare small decals for the windshield.  Sweet!
ProLine Ford Raptor body airbrushed with company logos for InterDesign, a top architecture firm in Indianapolis.  Clean and eye catching.  All logos are paint.
My first slot car bodies!  These are 1/24 scale Parma stock FCR bodies.  Everything is paint that you see.  Lots of upclose work on these.  Each is about 6" long.
ProtoForm's incredible scale Trans Am body made for a great Christmas present for one lucky guy from his wife.  We raced to get this one done for the holidays.  Love that blue!
This is the McAllister Trans Am body for 1/10th scale Vintage Trans Am class racing.  This one was specially done for my son.  Lots of time on the flames.  He wanted a similar, but stepped-up version of the Challenger I had done for him in the past.
PROTOform J71 body done with all Faskolor paints. Sitting on an Team Associated TC3 rarin' to go for the Vintage Trans Am class!
Another PROTOForm Trans Am body.  This one is a unique two-tone metallic blue and black.  I love this look.  Customer was very happy too!
Another Trans Am, but this one is the McAllister body.  All one-piece.  Not quite the scale detail of the PROTOForm, but it looks great on the track and is very durable.
I really like how this Nissan Armada body turned out.  Racer chose excellent colors.  And, but leaving out the back windows, it looks like a Dakar truck body.  It was fun to airbrush too.  Lots of details.
Rear view of the Armada.  The neon green kind of looks like a sharp claw going forward.  Kewl!  There is a wing that comes with it too that isn't in the photo.
This is a body for me!  HPI Racing Nissan 350Z (Greddy version) done in Faskolor Neon and metallic orange.  I think I can see it on the track!  Associated TC6 underneath.
This is a BRIGHT 68 Camaro body done in Faskolor Neon Green and Purple.  Dubbed "The Grape Ape" it will be easy to see this VTA body on the track!
This is a 1/18th Losi Slider body set.  Hopefully, I'll get a finished/assembled photo from the Indiana racer I airbrushed this for.  It was tedious, but the final appearance will be ultra cool.  :)
This is an HPI 1970 Dodge Challenger.  All graphics were hand cut.  Flames and numerals.  Its purple metallic Faskolor with chrome and Fasorange and Fasyellow.  I love the Challenger for VTA.  Great looking body even without paint.
Side view of the Parma 57 Chevy Bel-Air.  Love how this body turned out.  I want to keep this one and mount it on an unused chassis as a shelf queen.
An HPI Racing 68 Camaro.  #38 is going to look great on the track! Its done with Faskolor silver chrome and jet black. All graphics were hand masked and hand cut.
You will see this one on the track!  HPI 68 Camaro for USVTA racing.
This is Colt Porsche 862 from Action Hobby.  1/10th scale body.  Sweet colors!  This is the Newman scheme for a racer friend in Idaho.
LTC-R touring car body airbrushed with Createx paints.  Not my normal brand, but they did just fine.  Good visible colors for the track!
Local racer wanted some bright colors on his 68 Camaros.  I obliged with this scheme.
This is a McAllister Trans Am.  All Faskolor paint.  All graphics hand cut.  Love that green!
This is the new PROTOform body for USGT racing.  The racer who had me airbrush it for him kept the wing, so that's not in the photo.
This is a Colt Porsche I did for my buddy Bob.  Good looking finished car and body!
Airbrushed for a local racer heading to the Snowbirds in Orlando.  His colors with the American flag graphic.  He did his own numerals and decals.
This is the HPI Racing Honda NSX body 7383.  190mm.  I did more than just shoot it white, I added quite a bit around the roofline in black.  Tried to make it as real as possible.
This is one of those really BIG gas truck bodies for the big Losi and/or HPI Baja series.  It was done for a driver in Florida.  Turned out nice.  Gotta love that Faskolor metallic orange!
Airbrushed this PROTOform body for a Team Associated 12R5.2 pan car this evening. Very PURPLE with Faskolor neon purple and metallic purple. Better outdoor photos tomorrow.
This is a McAllister Cougar body I did in the JEGS scheme.  I took this photo in front of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Yes, I was in a parking lot!  It just looks like I was in the street.  Faskolor paints.
Better view of the JEGS Cougar body.  This one I did for myself for Vintage Trans Am racing.  Its mounted on an Associated TC3.
A McAllister Camaro airbrushed to look like "BumbleBee" from the Transformers movie.  This is Faskolor's metallic yellow.  Awesome color paint!  I did this for a local racer who will use it for Vintage Trans Am racing.
The new "HOT ROD GT" from McAllister Racing.  One of the coolest new bodies to be on the market in my opinion.  Unfortunately some didn't like it in USGT, so its not on that list.  Still usable for most local tracks or show cars. This one is all Faskolor paints.  Skull was hand cut with liquid mask.
Really liking how my airbrushing turned out on this McAllister Corvette Daytona. It's mounted on an Associated TC6 for local USGT racing. All paint is Faskolor. Mostly neon yellow backed with white. Matches the neon wheels really well. 21.5 Thunder Power motor and the class spec Gravity tires.
This is a Vaterra Rally Car body.  The "Red Baron" was airbrushed for the Indy RC IROC style Rally Car races.  Turned out great.  Faskolor paints.
This is a McAllister Trans Am body that was airbrushed using Faskolor Fasescent Blue.  Gorgeous paint color.  All the details where hand cut graphics using liquid masking film.  This body was sold to a racer at
This is a Mercedes CLK racing body given to me by a friend.  I airbrushed it with Faskolor neon yellow and a little orange along with faux carbon fiber and a few details.  It is mouned on an Associated TC6 for USGT racing!
This is a 1969 Mustang body made by McAllister Racing.  The gold is a special copper color gold I mixed for a previous scale project I airbrushed.  I put it on thin and backed it with orange.  I really has a great "glow" to it, especially in the sun.  Ready for Vintage Trans Am racing!
McAllister 1970 Camaro body.  Once piece and durable.  I've airbrushed this with metallic orange and faux carbon fiber.  Everything is paint including the numbers.  Body is mounted on a Team Assocated TC3 for VTA racing.
Fun project!  Took HTF 57 Chevy body that was already used and airbrushed it and weathered it to look like the "Junkyard" body used on the real Avenger from Monster Jam.
PROTOform  AMR-12 body airbrushed with Faskolor paints and mounted on a Team Associated 12R5.2 1/12th scale pan car.
Two matching bodies for Qualitech.  They are using them for trade shows and other marketing events.  These are Traxas Slash bodies airbrushed with Faskolor paints.  I really like how they turned out!
PROTOform's new Camaro body is really nice.  One piece and very scale.  I'm running this one on my own Associated TC3 for VTA racing.
ProtoFORM J71 airbrushed for a local racer.  Bring colors so it would show up on the track!  These are nice bodies as they come with an extra front nose.  You get more time out of them.
Pro-Line Rally 14 RS body.  Rare!  They have been discontinued I believe.  Very unique.  This one is mounted on a Team Associated SC10.  McLaren colors.   Hatch is unique too.
The new 200mm PROTOform Ford GT body.  Sponsor decals still need to be added.  First o one of these I've airbrushed.  Very cool!
This is a McAllister Riley Daytona Prototype body.  Now off the USGT approved list, but its still ok to run at my local track.  I made this one for ME and it will go on my Team Associated TC6.
McAllister's new CUDA body for Vintage Trans Am racing!  Nice.  Airbrushed with Faskolor Pearl Blue.  Numbers were done by hand with liquid mask.
ASCOT Modified body from McAllister Racing.  I love this vintage look and plan to put this on my own Traxxas Slash.  Createx metallic green and lime green.
CAMARO ZL-1 for USGT racing!  This is the Protoform Camaro body.  I did "real flames" technique to get this look.  Took time, but I'm happy with it and so is its owner!  Punisher theme is cool.
Nice Chevy Truck body for a local Hoosier RC Racers member.  He wanted blue flames fading into black.  Got it.  Should look great on the track!
McAllister #182 body, 55 Chevy Bomber!  Big Ed's Pizza is still open and in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  Always loved their logo, so I used it on this car.  Seemed fitting.
Love the colors this local racer wanted for his E-Truggy body!  Its mounted on a Losi.  All Faskolor.
I love orange.  This one is for me!  McAllister Trans-Am body for Vintage Trans Am racing.
A wild McAllister Camaro body done to match one of he BMW Art Cars.  If you don't know about them, Google them and you will see some amazing paint.
This is a 1/18th Scale HUMMER!  I hope to get a photo of it mounted on the actual chassis that was hand built by a talented RC modeler.  You can see it coming!  Faskolor Key Lime.
Really digging this Dodge Demon Body from Parma!  It is mounted on a Traxxas Slash for on-road Slash racing!
This body was patterned after Wild Bill Shrewsberry's wheelie car called the "L.A. Dart."  It is one I've always wanted to do.  PROTOform 69 Camaro body mounted on my Associated TC3 for VTA racing.
Cadillac ATS body from PROTOform.  I painted this will Faskolor Pearl White.  Backed with regular white and then a light coat of black.  With such nice body lines, graphics didn't do anything but detract.  Set for USGT racing!
McAllister Racing Jaguar body fitted on an Associated TC6 for USGT racing.  All paint is Faskolor.  This body really fits well and is neutral.  A local favorite.
They say its one of the most beautiful race cars ever designed.  The Ford GT done in the Le Mans style color scheme.  This is a 190mm PROTOform body.  It takes a long time to paint it like this and also to assemble.  But the finished version is awesome!
Dodge Demon from Parma mounted on a stock Traxxas Slash.  The chassis has been dropped a little for stock Slash on-road racing.  If you are looking for something different for your Traxxas Slash or SCT, Parma makes some really cool muscle car and baja bodies.
This is a 1/18th scale Hummer for a local custom builder.  Faskolor paint with special layering to get it to "glow"  great.  Mounted on a Team Associated chassis.
Buddy Bob made another killer street machine with this Jconcepts 67 Chevelle body!  Its mounted on a modified Slash LCG chassis to look this cool.  Paint is Faskolor with a special multi layer process to really get it to glow and give it depth.
This is a Parma "Street Stock" for local builder Kevin.  It is really a Monte Carlo style.  It is mounted on a Slash chassis and looks awesome in person and on the track.  Faskolor paint with special layer process for color pop.
I airbrushed this body for myself.  Its mounted on my Team Associated 12R5.2 chassis and runs locally at Indy RC Raceway.  I have always loved the old Marlboro/Penske colors.  Great to see on the track too.  Faskolor paints.
MARCH 2013!

I sent in photos of the
custom airbrushed Black Cat body that I did for my son's
stock Slash.  R/C Car Action magazine featured it as a "Reader's Ride of the Month" which was really cool!
I had only hoped to just get it published.  You can also find more pictures of the body
HERE on Black Cat Firework's website.  

(Click photo above for a larger version)

I just thought it was a cool picture.  You've got to love those NEON colors to get attention!
This is an HPI Nissan 350Z "Nismo" edition body.  190mm for touring cars.  Its sitting on an Associated TC6 chassis.  Neons don't show up all that well in photos.  But, its metallic orange and neon orange.  Faux carbon fiber on the hood.  You can see it on the track!
This is a new Protoform ORT body for a buddy who races NASTRUCK locally with 17.5 brushless.  Good bright colors!
This is a Parma 57 Chevy Bel-Air done with Faskcolor!  I love the detail in this body.  Looks too good to race!  Flames were lined with chrome.  Parma's decals are crummy.  So, they were left off this body.
This is an Associated SC10 with a Pro-Line Raptor F150 SVT body on it.  This body will fit many short course trucks, but it was made for the SC10.  Paint is metallic purple and black, various neon colors for the flames.
HPI 2010 Camaro.  Faskolor Paint Key Lime color.  Tried to make the OEM as close as I could.
A Pro-Line "Flo-Tek" body mounted on an Associated SC10 short course truck.  The Flo-Tek allows air through to help with the "parachute effect" that can happen during jumps.  Faskolor paints.
Protoform (Pro-Line) Mazda Speed 6 touring car body.  Faskolor paints.
This is the Pro-Line "Baja Bug" VW body.  "Social Distortion" band logo on the hood.  Faskolor paints with the logo done by hand using liquid masking film.
Here's an HPI Nissan 350Z. 190mm version. Turned out nice.

Faskolor metallic blue with a fake carbon fiber hood. Neon red perimeter stripe. Fits the TC5 chassis and front foam bumper really well. I will run it in USGT with a 21.5 at my local track, R/CAR
This is the HPI 1967 Corvette.  It is not legal for official Vintage Trans AM racing, but most tracks will let you run for club racing.  Great body done with Faskolor paints!
This is the Pro-Line Crowd Pleazer body for Associated RC10B4.1.  The most aerodynamic body I think.
HPI 1970 Boss Mustang.  This is a BEAST of a car in real life.  HPI did a nice job on this reproduction.  Faskolor paint.
Proline "Bull Dog" body for RC10T4 or RC104.1.  Faskolor paint.  Some don't like the Cab-forward Truggy look.  I sure do!
This is the new Parma "Fifty Five" body!  What a show stopper!  Looks great and was designed to go on the Traxxas Slash.  Also fits other SCT's.  All Faskolor paints and lots of time on the flames.
ProLine Crowd Pleazer done with Faskolor Neon Orange.  Blacked out windows.  Great look!
This is the Cavaleri Edition body for the RC10T4.  Neon Red with custom painted graphics.  The "RED BARON" is a "Fast Fokker!"
You've seen this scheme before on several other bodies I've painted.  The racer I did this Proline FloTek body for likes these colors!  They look great together.  Good choices.  The flames are a LOT of work, but really set it off.
This is the cab-forward JConcepts "Punisher" body for RC10T4.  I added the wing on the back to make it look more like a truggy.  Faskolor paints.
JConcepts body with FOUR colors combined!  Racer chose colors and planned to add some sponsor decals.
Another JConcepts body done in the Hendricks County Radio Control scheme.  Sadly, this track is no longer open.  It was a nice track when it was open in Danville, Indiana.
Yep, MORE Parma Speedflo bodies done in RW&B!  Ready to start the season with a couple of matching shells for a racer's SC10.
Pro-Line "Desert Rat" body for Traxxas Slash.  Faskolor paints.
Faskolor neon paints on the standard Associated "Interceptor" body.  Very visable!
This is the Traxxas body for the Slash 4x4 on a 2WD Slash.  Faskolor paints.  Hand cut flames and "JACKWAGON" name.
ProtoForm LTC-R racing body.  Done with white, chrome, neons and metallic black Faskolor per Racer's request.
OK, not a car!  But, a custom painted/graphics "LUCAS OIL" Supervee.  It was patterned after the real thing!  Sold to a customer in Norway!
This is an HPI 68 Camaro.  Probably the most used body in the Vintage Trans Am class.  VTA is great!  Faskolor paints in a Indianapolis Colts scheme!  #18 for Petyon Manning!
Again, not a car, but a scratch-built 1/16th scale diving boat.  Carefully air-brushed and weathered slightly as well.
Slimline Driver figure with standard Traxxas stock body.  Fascolor paints.
The "SLASHTACULAR" Traxxas Slash body.  Its been sold to at least three people I know of and as of Spring 2011 is still in use!  4 years old now.
Another on-track photo of Associated T4 with Interceptor body.  My first airbrushing job!
This is the Parma "RATTLER" body on a Traxxas Slash.  Custom lightnight bolt "THUNDERSTRUCK" scheme.  Faskolor paints.
This is a Parma Rattler body done to resemble a WWII P-51 Mustang!  Very cool, and very visable on the track.  Yes, it helps your truck FLY to have an airplane scheme!
Another view of the HPI Mustang done in Faskolor Fasescent Blue and white.
Another boat!  This time, an airboat done with several colors of "Painter's Choice" paints.  Rattle can job.  This is the "WATERBOARD" by Stephens Aero.  It is all electric.
Associated Factory Team RC10T4 with "THUNDERSTRUCK" scheme done with lightnight and custom hand-cut lettering.
Faskolor neon paints layered on a JConcepts shell for Associated t4.
New VTA (Vintage Trans Am) body from HPI.  The '68 Camaro!  Its just a clean straighforward scheme.  Orange/White Go Vols colors!
This is the "GANGSTAR" body from Parma.  Custom hand-done flame job makes for one cool bomber car!  Its actually patterned after the "CADZILLA" that is owned by ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons.
Custom airbrushed skull on top of an Associated RC10T4 "Interceptor" shell.
A couple of matching bodies for on-road and off-road!  The first is a Proline Dodge Stratus touring car body.  The second is a Proline Cavaleri Edition T4 body.
Another shot of the "CAZILLA" Parma Gangstar body.  Mounted on an Associated TC3.
HPI Ford GT body set up for RCGT class.  Body painted with Faskolor Neon Green and backed with white.  HPI decals.
Another neon orange Parma Rattler body on Traxxas Slash.  Note wing on back.
Traxxas SLASH with PARMA Rattler body.  Just about every NEON color that Faskolor makes was used on this body.  You can SEE it on the track!
HPI 1968 Camaro done with white faskolor and hand cut vinyl graphics.
This is the Pro-Line RAPTOR Ford f-150 body.  Very cool!  Color is "Key Lime Green" backed with neon green and white.  Faux carbon fiber look on hood.
Proline body with Faskolor paints.
Another shot of the "JACKWAGON" Slash.  This is my personal truck.  My son calls me "JACKWAGON" from the GIECO commercial.  So, it seemed appropriate!
Proline BAJA BUG VW body done with all painted graphics including skull and crossbones except the "FEAR THIS" which is a decal.  Mounted on stock Traxxas Slash.
"THUNDERSTRUCK" Slash body mounted on a stock Traxxas SLASH.  Parma Rattler body.  The Rattler body offers superior wheel clearance.
This is an HPI Honda Prelude.  Paint is Faskolor metallic orange, trimmed with neon orange and white.  Faux carbon fiber hood.  Minimum decals.  Great looking body on the track!
Axial Scorpion.  Stock body but purchased clear and then custom air-brushed with Faskolor paints.
Vintage Trans Am HPI Cuda body done with neon orange.  Not a scale color, but then again, it looked great!
HPI 1966 Mustang GT for VTA racing.  Mounted on TC3 chassis.  Key Lime color with faux carbon fiber hood.
HPI Camaro body done with light blue stripes.  They were vinyl, not painted.
HA!  Custom built "Four Cut" Pinewood Derby car airbrushed with Team Associated scheme and Faskolor neon green!  (For my son)
Midwest Products "Liberty Tug" built from kit and painted in harbor colors.  Also weathered appropriately.
Completed HPI Stiletto body with decals.  Faux carbon fiber look on the side panels and front hood and air dam.  Ready to hit the track on any touring car chassis!
Three Victor V32 sailboats all with color matched hulls.  Decks done with amber shellac and marine varnish.
Yes, I can make them BIG too!  This is a six foot tall skull with neon eyes that glow!  All done in neon colors for black light effect.  Not a hobby thing, but I thought you might think it was cool.
Parma's 34 Ford body with flames!
Another view of the BMW Art Car.  Every side is different and unique.  Custom mixed colors and hand cut numerals and other graphics via Fasmask.  Lots of time, but worth it.
Same 34 Ford Pickup body but this was done with Faskolor Black metallic.
A "Bomber" class body with metallic green, silver and white.
This is another GANGSTAR body from Parma.  Flames with purple metallic.  On an Associated TC3 chassis.  The definition of COOL.
Parma 49 Mercury Body.  Flame job of course.  What would be a better choice on this body?  Nothing!
ProLine VW Baja Bug on 2WD Traxxas Slash.  Faskolor Paints.  Skull dude is a antenna ball topper from a local hot rod show!
Protoform PF8-GT body for INDYRCGT class here in Indianapolis.  This mounts on a SLASH for on-road racing.
Ford F-100 Body on AXIAL Scorpion ARTR Chassis.  Kept body scale but to crawl with it will require wheel wells to be enlarged.  Faux carbon fiber look in bed area.
Proline "Bull Dog" body for RC10T4 or RC104.1.  Faskolor paint.  Metallic purple by Faskolor is an AWESOME color, especially in the sun!
The very FIRST body I ever airbrushed!  RC10T4 Interceptor for my son!  Faskolor paints.  Lighting pattern has always been his thing.
Lotus Elise by HPI.  Neon orange Faskolor Paints.  Prior to decals.  I let the customer put those on as he wanted.  Great body!
HPI's long awaited Z-28 Camaro body!  I would have given anything for a REAL one of these when they came out!  Beautiful.  Faskolor paints.
OK, not a car body, but a challenge none the less!  Pram Dinghy with yellow paint and also mahogany pieces.  First Amber Shellac for warm color and then Marine Spar Varnish. Three coats.
Same racer scheme, different truck.  This is the new Pro-Line FloTek body mounted on an Associated SC10.
HPI 1970 Boss Mustang.  Faskolor Orange and perfect decals!  This body shipped to Singapore via eBay.  Its now on a top level drift car I'm told.
This is a neon Orange/Yellow fade using Faskolor paints.  White roof and backer.  Designed by HPI to fit Mini Cooper Chassis, this Honda Civic Type R is a good looking body for sure!
Scion Xb body on a Tamiya M-03 Mini Cooper chassis.  Key Lime Green from Faskolor with neon green backing and then white.  you can see this car coming!
HPI Toyota Celica done with neon pink and metallic purple Faskolor.  Those colors look great together!
This is the "Vortex" body that comes stock with the new Associated B4.1.  Perfect fit of course and mean looking too.  Faskolor metallic purple, neon yellow and neon orange with chrome highlights.
Top view of the Ford Raptor SVT Pro-Line body.  You can see the flames layout a little better in this shot and the faux carbon fiber at the rear.
Nastruck body for oval racing.  Neon orange Faskolor and blue.  Racer asked that I not cut out the body for him to insure it fit his chassis precisely.  Faux Carbon fiber on rear deck.
A new Protoform LTC-R body for a buddy at R/CAR.  Faskolor paints using white, neon green, neon blue and metallic black.  Chrome accents.
This is the same body as show above.  HPI 190mm Nissan 350Z mounted on an Associated TC5 chassis.  Just wanted to show you what it looks like with lights!  These lights are from RAM.  $25 and you can add tremendous realism!
Here's a shot of the nose of the LTC-R body.  Several layers were required to achieve this look.  Liquid masking film was a must.
This is a Venom truck body by HPI.  Wicked looks.  Just a simple clean fade scheme with Faskolor paints.  Faux carbon fiber truck bed.
This is a Protoform Nastruck Oval body for a local racer.  Incorporated his colors.  He says this body will debut at the Snowbird Nationals in Orlando Florida this winter!
This is HPI's "Zonda" body.  This particular one is perfect for USGT or other on road touring classes.  The ultimate in Super Car looks!  Painted to match the one in Need for Speed.  Faskolor metallic orange and black.
New HPI '67 Corvette body!  Faskolor Key Lime Green.  Tried to keep it as showroom stock as possible.
Protoform LTC-R body with custom graphics and faux carbon on the hood.  All hand drawn and cut.  Ready for me to drive!  Its covering my Associated TC5 which I use to run in the 17.5 class.
I just really like these colors together and they look great on the track!  This is an Associated RC10T4 body.  Ready to roll with the "blobs" scheme.  Nothing new with this scheme, but it takes a lot of time and one screw up....
Well, here it is painted and ready to run on the water!  Rustoleum Red is great paint.  Long cure, but super durable and flexible.  "LUCAS OIL" decals were hand cut, but turned out pretty good.
This is a "Legends" car body.  Metallic Faskolor paints.
Protoform LTC-R for a local racer.  Neon Orange and Neon Yellow are his colors.  Worked both into the Faskolor scheme.
Custom airbrushed Chevy truck body.  This went on a show truck.  Full metal parts and lots of bling!
HPI Viper body painted with Faskolor paints for a "Pennzoil Racing" theam.  Bright!
This is the finished HPI Viper.  Fortunately for me, this body is owned by a local racer, so i get to see it on the track.  Looks really nice!  He switched spoilers from the stock one, but I think it looks even better the way he has it set up.
Honda Prelude body by HPI.  I really like the way this body handles on the racetrack.  Done similar to the orange one elsewhere on this page, but this time with metallic purple and neon purple.
Airbrushing from the old daze.  i did some motorcycles, cars, trucks etc back in the early 80's.  This is a Honda Hawk 400 with the hawk themed scent.
This was a brand new Ford truck that I airbrushed.  It looked awesome with the side pipes and burnt orange color.  Then...he put that camper shell on it!  Yuck!  Old daze in the 80's.
A competition water ski that I airbrushed in the 80's.
A competition water ski that I airbrushed in the 80's.
New HPI Camaro for a local racer to run in Vintage Trans Am.  Followed his colors even though they are not traditional for VTA.  It still looked good!  He wanted to do his own body cutting and decals.
Parma's 56 NOMAD.  What an aweome real life car this was!  We wanted to give it a 50's hot rod feel, thus the flames.  This is the 200mm body from Parma.  Faskolor paints and Createx paints.
So what do I paint when I don't have a body to work on?  I wanted to try a new method for flames, so I used my transmitter carrying case!  Part of the flames (red) were painted on by hand to get brush strokes, and part of the flame was airbrushed.
This is a neon orange 1/8th scale body on an awesome Associated Factory Team RC8.2e!  Not too fancy, but with blacked out windows, it is VERY visible on the track...which is exactly what the racer wanted.
Love those new 5th generation Camaros!  Especially the "Fusion Green" color with the mat black hood stripes.  Great looking body.
New Slash truch body for a patriotic racer.  Bright colors will show up great on the track!  Faskolor paints, as always.
Monster Energy themed Protoform LTC-R body.  All paint, hand cut paint masks used.  Faskcolor paint.
This HPI Nissan 350Z not only won the Concourse "Best Paint" Award at the 2012 Circle City Grand Prix, but it also won the its racing class that day!  I like the body too, but the choice of wheels that he used really set it off.  Looks great on the track!
This is a Parma Rattler body made specifically for the Traxxas Slash.  The "BLACK CAT" fireworks theme was my son's idea.  The logo was done with a carefully cut paint mask.  The finished result is all paint!  Looks great we both think.  Too nice to run on the track though!
Here's a close up of the Black Cat logo on the hood.  Now that I've painted one, I can definately paint two!  Let me know if you want your own Black Cat!
Protoform LTC-R on a Associated TC5R chassis.  Done with Faskolor metallic blue and then a bunch of neons... It is BRIGHT!
This is a 1/18 scale short couse body.  Neon orange and metallic orange.  Small, but very visable!
ProLine's 1956 Ford F100 Truck body.  The goal of this paint was to keep the truck as scale as possible for the client's upcoming scale buile.  Createx Copper was used along with Faskolor paints.
The Ford Truck body mounted and looking great!  Can't wait to get a photo of it on the trail.  Nice job Mike!
Corvette  C6 done up in patriotic colors.  I love it!  The customer who I did the short course bodies for in red, white and blue carried the theme to his on-road cars too.
A Parma Impala.  I used extra large glitter paint to get the lowrider look I was going for.  Simple scheme but really eyecatching!
I wanted to try out a color/flames idea.  Donation bowl for charity where I work.  :)
HPI's Honda NSX body in 190mm.  It is mounted on a Tamiya TT-01.  All paint.  Masks were used to get the logos just right.  Faskolor Neon Green, Black and Chrome.
Nissan 350Z body by HPI.  Done in Faskolor yellow and black with a faux carbon fiber look on the hood.
The camera couldn't deal well with these colors!  This is a WGT body done in metallic purple, neon pink and neon orange.  Looks much better in person.  The colors explode!
The new sixth generation Camaro body is awesome!  This one was done with Faskolor yellow and black to match the car called "Bumble Bee" in the Transformers movie series.
Herbie Rides Again!  This iconic paint scheme is immediately known to most.  It will be mounted on a 4WD Slash and hopefully he will send me a finished picture.  This is the Full Fender Proline body.
HPI's Toyota Celica body is a really well balanced body for touring car use and it's realistic!  This one is done in Faskolor yellow and black.
This is the new ProLine Ford Escort body for Mini Coopers and other short wheelbase cars.  Customer wanted it red, white and blue like his other bodies.  What was cool, was I airbrushed this on July 4th!  How fitting!
My favorite vintage body is the HPI '67 Corvette.  I did this one in Faskolor metallic purple to run in USGT.  Its not legal for VTA class sadly.  I didn't want any decals or graphics on it.  Its perfect just the way it is!
Here's a better look at the faux carbon fiber hood on the '67 Corvette.  This look really adds interest to any paint job.  You can use a matching color metallic or just silver/chrome as I did here.  Note scoop is left black.
Here's a photo of the two yellow touring cars together and detailed.  Ready to race and looking just awesome!  Good luck David!
A new 1/8th scale buggy body.  Neon orange with a small area of faux carbon fiber and vent fades.
This is an HPI body for a local racer, Andy.  Its my special neon metallic green process that I do.  It pops!  350Z body will be used on a 4WD touring car for the USGT class.
Parma's newest body, the SPEEDFLO!  This is Parma's answer to short course parachuting.  The Speedflo has almost 20 openings!  This one is done in neon green, chrome and black.  I'm running it on my own stock Traxxas Slash.  Yes, I painted the wheels neon green too.  Looks HOT!
This is a custom airbrushed version of the long-awaited HPI 1978 Trans-Am.  The version I airbrushed is all paint, including the phoenix.  Buy, the HPI body does come with two sheets of nice decals if you want to do the Smokey & the Bandit version.
HPI 1970 Challenger aibrushed for Vintage Trans Am racing.  I created a special Lime Green color and process to get it extra bright.  Turned out well!
Sometimes a design catches on.  This is another Monster Energy body that I did for a local Indianapolis racer.  Parma SpeedFlo body.  We left some holes unopened front and back so that we could "tune" it for flight later!
OK, you want a simple paint job?  This is it!  Faskolor white on the new HPI Trans-Am body.  The racer is going to take it from here and add the GOBS of decals HPI provides with the body.
Same special technique and scheme was used for this ProLine Flo-Tek body as the SpeedFlo body.  Also added the Monster Energy stuff.  Looks good!
Straightforward HPI 1968 Camaro SS for Vintage Trans Am class.  Faskolor Fasescent Blue.  One of their BEST colors!
Another SPEEDFLO body from Parma for a local racer.  This one was done with FasMask and lots of TIME!  Faskolor neon purple, neon yellow and white.  Some faux carbon fiber to complete the look.  It looks like it is moving standing still!
New Parma SPEEDFLO body for my racing buddy Mike.  He loves RWB patriotic paint!  Looks great, I agree.  Very visible on the track too.  Faskcolor throughout and Fasmask used as well.
A matching JConcepts Finisher body for Mike's Losi.
Lowrider airbrush job.  The guy I painted it for said he wanted it to have some bling.  Hopefully I accomplished that!  Candy Apple red glitter, metallic orange, black, gold and backup red paint.
You've seen this body before, but this one is brand new September of 2012.  This is the Parma Gangstar, but it is really a version of ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons "CADZILLA."  All hand cut flames with Faskolor paint.
This is an HPI 1968 Camaro that I painted and added decals to make into a Unversity of Tennessee Volunteers Camaro!  Go Big Orange!  I'm going to run it at the 2012 USVTA Southern Nationals in Nashville, Tennessee in September.
This is a Parma RATTLER (you probably guessed that) in RW&B paint.  Good look.  Rattler bodies are very durable and have nice high wheel wells.
A Battlefield 3 body!  The racer that wanted this Parma Speedflo body loves playing Battlefield 3 on his XBox!  So, I did it to suit him.  All paint and graphics were hand cut.  M4 machine guns on the side!
This is one of the new laser cut Losi bodies for the 22SCT.  This one took me a long time.  Lots of custom graphics and flames, and I made two fo them identical for this racer!
Here's that same Camaro a few photos back after it was purchased by a fellow racer at the USVTA Southern Nationals in Nashville, TN.  I finished the decals/numbers for him the way he liked and it hit the track to qualify!  Great looking blue!
This is a body for a nitro buggy Mugen I believe.  Faskolor Key Lime and Orange.  Two colors that really get some attention!
Close up of the rear of the buggy body.  I did a faux carbon fiber look with green metallic.  Looks great on this body.
HPI 1969 Camaro Z28!  Nothing outrageous about the paint other than the orange is really as bright as it looks in the photo.
Here's the same body, but mounted and finished on my Associated TC3!  Looks great and boy I can see it on the track!
HPI's 1970 Challenger.  Back then they called it "Plum Crazy" in the R/T package when it came out.  I used to draw this exact car on my notebooks in grade school.  Still love it!  Talk about a GROUND POUNDER!
Same car body, but finished with required USVTA numbers and a few detail decals.  Ready to pound some carpet using an Associated TC5 chassis.
This is a Tamiya WOLF WR1 Forumula 1 car.  The WOLF was circa 1977-1978.  Painted with Faskolor Metallic Black, which actually looks like a dark brown or coffee color.  Fast car!
New HPI Nissan 350Z.  This is the "Greedy" version, but we still used the lexan wing on the back.  More effective.  Its all done with Faskolor and liquid mask.  He picked the colors, I did the scheme.
This is a Parma SPEEDFLO body mounted on a Losi chassis.  Simple, clean paint scheme really makes this one look great.  Windows are blacked out.  Faux carbon fiber hood riser.
This is a Tamiya Audi R8 body.  Great lines on this one before paint was ever added!  The wing was mounted after this photo.  Liquid Mask and Faskolor paints.  Going to run in the USGT class.  The racer I did this for really liked the finished body.  I did too!
This is a Tamiya body.  Nissan GTR.  Great stance and it will look outstanding on the track!  Wheels will be neon red to match.  Faskolor paints.  Faux carbon fiber with metallic purple.
A GAGGLE of matching bodies for a local racer!  Lots of work here.  Hours and hours.  But, they all look good together.
A close-up of the Kyosho buggy body.  Faskolor paints throughout.  Nose still needed to be dremeled to match but racer wanted to do that.
This is the HPI 1968 Camaro done in black with traditional hot rod flames.  Great look.  If its going to run in Vintage Trans Am, it will need numbers.  But, I hate to put them on!
This is an HPI Nissan 350Z I airbrushed for a local racing buddy.  He chose the colors, I did the scheme/layout.  It looks really great and I can't wait to see it on the track in USGT!
This is a Tamiya F104 that my Son built and will be racing locally.  He built the chassis and I was his paint and body man.  We tried to match the "Miss GEICO" off shore powerboat theme that is crazy cool.  Its a neon yellow/green that you have to see in person to really catch.  Stunning color!
Well, its not a car body, but it is a nice Ibanez guitar that I airbrushed for a good friend.  Hope to see it on stage someday!
This amazing body design is a Mazda "Furai' from Speed Passion.  Wicked huh!  The guy I painted this for wanted it mostly black and silver.  I think the body looks half mechanical, half biological or insect based.  It is cool!
1966 Mustang Fastback.  Simple, clean and RED!  I tried to eliminate the use of as many decals as possible on this HPI body.  So, the stripes are paint along with window trim and bumpers.  Great lines on this classic pony car body!
This is one of the new Durango DESC210 bodies.  I really like this design.  Very tough looking.  The racer I painted it for chose the colors and I did the scheme for him.  A little faux carbon fiber.  The blue looks amazing in person!
This body really took a long time.  Each flame is edged with chrome.  I used Fasmask and took my time and the results were really nice.  Its the Losi SCT hi-performance body that comes laser cut from Losi.  Very nice body!

A racer at our track wanted a Shelby done in his colors. Clean and mean. He's adding the numbers and any other decals. I just put the minimum on for photos. Painted bumpers and window trim. Stripes are Fasescent Blue Faskolor with a little chrome added.
A 1/8th scale electric buggy body for a local racer.  All faskolor.  Special time was taken to add the silver chrome edging to all flames and graphics.  Time consuming!
I'm especially proud of this body.  The guy I made it for had me make it for his son who is a Marine.  A special gift for him.  Pretty cool.  All Faskolor Paint.
Side View of this cool "MARINES" body.  Everything you see is painted.  No decals.
One for me!  This is the McAllister Corvette Daytona.  Wicked cool body they molded I think...low and mean.  Paint is all Faskolor.  I used neon orange, metallic orange, black and there is faux orange carbon fiber in the black if you look closely.  Sitting on top of an Associated TC6.
Rear view of the McAllister Corvette Daytona.  Note the wing and spoiler system on the back.  Just like the real ones.  :)
This is a HPI Dodge Viper body that will be used in USGT.  I painted it for a buddy racer.  Everything you see is Faskolor paint.  Custom mixed blue and orange with faux carbon fiber.  Looks wicked!
This is a wild scheme based upon the "BMW Art Car" if you google it.  Its an HPI BMW M3.  I did the layout and airbrushed it to look like the real one.  Local racer friend added the decals and mounted it up!
Buggy body that I airbrushed using the "Real Flames" technique for a local racer.  Faskolor black, charcoal metallic and white.  Liquid mask used as well.
One of my favorite aspects of R/C cars and trucks is painting custom air-brushed lexan bodies for them.  You may not know that most bodies are painted from the inside.  What this does is create a custom paint job that is protected from scratches and crashes much better than if the paint was on the outside of the body.  The challange of course is that you need to layer your paints backwards from how you would traditionally if you were air-brushing full scale vehicles.  But the final result is WOW!  Even after lots of racing, rock climbing or jumping, your body still looks pretty good!

I started airbrushing cars, motorcycles, RV's, waterskis and anything else I could get my hands on in the 1970's.  I've never quite mastered free-hand flame airbrushing techniques, but I hope to someday.  I like NEON colors and bright eye-catching graphics. I can paint a body the way I want it or paint one the way you want it.  Just let me know!  You can email me HERE for a quote.  I've shipped bodies all over world to places like England, Germany  and Singapore!

Typically, my most recent bodies are towards the bottom of this page.  That's how the software loads them.  
Step #1, get rid of those Simpson stickers!
Buddy geting ready for a run.
Buddy Hull in action on the drag strip!  Yep, that white helmet needs some paint!
Here's Buddy getting ready to eat some ashpalt!  Helmet is a good match for the car's paint.  I like the foam protection for the helment.  Thanks Buddy!
The fastest thing I've ever airbrushed!  Go Buddy Go!

I was asked to create a
custom airbrushed helmet
for NHRA Drag Racer
Buddy Hull.  
My goal was to create
something with some
major "attitude"... He liked it!

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