Blacksheep Squadron R/C Airplane Club
The Blacksheep Squadron is one of the largest clubs in Central Indiana.
One visit to their club and you can see why. Really nice park-like facilities,
awesome club house and and a fun attitude towards events and all things
aeronautical. Danville is west of Indianapolis out US 36.

Plainfield Screaming Eagles R/C Club
Beautiful paved runway and very nice shelter.  Located behind the former Indiana Boys School.  A skilled group of flyers who offer fun events during the year.  Plainfield is southwest of Indianapolis.  You can get to the field going out US 40.  Flashers on when you enter the prison area.  

Indianapolis West Side R/C Modelers, Inc.
This club used to fly right next to the Colts Complex off 56th Street.  Today, they have a great location up next to Terry Airport on SR 32 north northwest of Indianapolis.  I've only flown there once, but I was greeted warmly and really enjoyed the club members.

Northeast Side Taildraggers
Great news!  A new R/C club in central Indiana!  The Northeast Side Taildraggers are centered around the McCordsville area northeast of Indianapolis.  They are a young club of enthusiastic modelers but growing every day and always looking for new members!  AMA membership is required of course.  

IRCHC - Indianapolis Radio Control Helicopter Club
Many helicopter flyers have been hoping that a club dedicated to their
side of the hobby would be created in central Indiana.  Well now there is!
This is an AMA chartered club that is focused on promoting R/C helicopter
flying by education, events and having fun!  For more information, click
their title above or the link to the right!  Go Choppers!

Viehe RC Flyers
The Viehe RC Flyers were formerly, the Lebanon Aeronuts.
Their members enjoy all aspects of the hobby in a casual
atmosphere which inspires beginners and experienced pilots alike.

Hamilton County R/C Flyers
These guys are located about 25 miles north of Indianapolis off
of US 31 near Sheridan.  I'm told they are a very active and friendly
group of flyers.  During the winter months, they meet at the 
Noblesville Library.

Indianapolis R/C Modelers
This group of enthusiasts is located southeast of Indianapolis near
Morristown.  They are the oldest radio control airplane club in the area.
Started in 1953, they have been having fun ever since!

Indianapolis RC South
Their flying field is located southeast of Greenwood.  I belonged to this club for several years when I lived on the south side of Indianapolis.  A great club and they really put on some nice events throughout the year. 

Johnson County Radio Control Flyers, Inc. - Edinburgh
The Johnson County Radio Control club flies out of Tracee Field in Johnson County Park, across from Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh, Indiana. Their site is one of just a few in the area that offers a "hard surface" runway, 570'x40' blacktop or if you prefer grass a 700'x50' runway. Many of their members are also members of other area clubs including Indy area clubs.  Great website at

Indy Sportliners Control Line Model Airplane Club
The above link is the only web-based information I was able to find on the Indy Sportliners.  They have been around for many years flying around the Fort Benjamin Harrison area mostly.  I've even attended some of their contests over the years.  The Indy Sportliners usually have a great Swap Meet around late March or early April each year.  Look for handouts at the local hobby shops. 

Other Area R/C Clubs
Here's a link I found on the Indianapolis R/C Modelers club website.  This is a great link that shows you the location of all the clubs in Central Indiana! 

Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) - Muncie, Indiana
Hoosiers R/C flyers are very fortunate to have the main organizing body of R/C aviation, the Academy of Model Aeronautics, located in Muncie!  AMA has over 1000 acres dedicated to our hobby!  Great events week after week and month after month.  Go to their website to find out more!  Here's a separate link to the International Aeromodeling Center :  Click Here.  The museum on site is super!
"Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value."

-Marshal Ferdinand Foch
Held in Champaign, Illinois, E-Fest is a wonderful indoor flying event!  Champaign is less than 2 hours drive west of Indianapolis.
Double click on the above image for a great video of E-Fest!  If you have time, view the other videos this guy has posted.  They are definitely a hoot!
"Can I fly one of
your airplanes?
I crashed all mine."
Easy R/C Flying Link - Click Here
This is a very helpful website from Tower Hobbies for anyone who is interested in learning more about R/C hobbies.  Sure, there's a little marketing going on here, but the information is very valuable.

R/C Airplane World
Loads of information on radio control model aircraft.
Gobs of links too.  A fun site to spend some time browsing.

Are you a MODE 1 or MODE 2 Flyer?  Click HERE to find out!
My INDY 400 sport design was featured again in the Feburary 2011 edition of Model Aviation magazine! 

You can order plans direct from Model Aviation by following this LINK:  
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